Flashlight With Flexible Telescopic Head And Built-In Magnets

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If you’re a handyman, or know someone that is, this flashlight will be the answer to all your problems…

It’s a regular flashlight, but with two bonus features that make it perfect for doing repairs around the house or car. Here’s what they are: a magnet, and an extendable flexible neck. 

Think about it. How many times have you used a flashlight but could never shine it on a specific spot because other things were in the way? And how many times have you dropped a screw, bolt, or coin in hard-to-reach areas that you simply couldn’t retrieve? 

Well with this flashlight, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Built along the powerful 3 LED lights, is a magnet that can pick up weights of up to 4 pounds! And with the extendable 22 inch neck, you can twist it, bend it, curve it, into the exact position needed to illuminate what you’re trying to look at.


  • Powerful 3 LED flashlight with a brightness of 1000mcd-13000mcd
  • Made of a durable and strong aluminum alloy material
  • 22in (56cm) extendable, flexible neck for better visibility in tight and narrow spaces 
  • Built-in magnetic ring for picking up tools, nuts, and bolts of up to 4 pounds (1.8kg)
  • Powered by 4 x LR44 batteries (included)

Make it easy for yourself! This flashlight eliminates the need for other tools, and works better than your normal flashlight. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.

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